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Inspire STEM Education  | Hitachi High-Tech in America

Papers and Abstracts

Dr. James Perkins presentation to The Winston Churchill Scholarship panel

Dr. James Perkins is a physics teacher of St. Paul’s School in London, UK. As a recipient of Winston Churchill Scholarship, he visited in the US for his STEM Initiative Investigation. With help by Hitachi High Technologies America’s STEM Outreach team. The medallion was awarded to James to mark the successful completion of his overseas research as a Churchill Fellow. James is also working with the Institute for Research in Schools ( the RMS and Hitachi high technologies to further ..Read more

Dr. Dave Menshew and the use of Technology in teaching

Dr. Dave Menshew is a long time educator and current teacher at James C. Enoch’s High School and California Northstate University. He presented his experience using the Hitachi TM3030 scanning electron microscope to engage today’s learners. The talk focused on the importance of creating advanced technological training that builds on existing student interest to engage and inspire. It delves in the importance of forming relationships with local colleges, universities and uses multiple means of engagement to deliver relevant standards aligned ..Read more

Michael A. Boyer on Student Engagement

Michael A. Boyer Teacher at North Penn High School and longtime teacher collaborator, presented at M&M2018 his findings regarding the use of the Table Top Microscope as part of his curriculum. Professor Boyer discusses his thoughts regarding the microscope as the interdisciplinary tool which allows researchers to glimpse into the unknown and link structure and function. He explores how educators can make a difference and take advantage of: Local facilities taking part in best practices for microscopy outreach and education. ..Read more

Hitachi Ltd. Case Study

Hitachi Ltd. has recently published an in-depth Case Study investigating the state of STEM education in the US and the impact the Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. STEM Education Outreach Program has had thus far on students and educators alike. Please access the link below to read all about this exciting study!

X-Ray Analysis 101

X-ray and Image Analysis in Electron Microscopy.  What are X-rays?  How are they used for analytical analysis?  This 100 page book covers it in detail.

SEM 101

Scanning Electron Microscopy 101.   A comprehensive introduction to SEM including basic principles, instrumentation, and the latest techniques.

Science & Nanoscale

The Georgia Institute of Technology NanoEngineered Systems and Transport (NEST) Lab in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Center for Education Integrating Science Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) has been working with high school science and art teachers to establish a program that interfaces Nanoscience and Art education.

Nanotechnology Outreach

The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network’s education and outreach programs – understanding size and scale and the tools of nano.

Microscopy Today

Table Top SEM Utilization in a High School Nanotechnology Course.

Microscopy for STEM Educators

The future of our nation hinges on our ability to prepare our next generation to be innovators in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Excitement for STEM must begin at the earliest stages of our education process.

Hitachi’s Commitment

Hitachi’s Commitment

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovative pioneers through the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Website & SEM Request

Website & SEM Request

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