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Integrating Electron Microscopy into Nanoscience and Materials Engineering Programs

Dr. Robert Cormia of Foothill College presents how access to the NASA-ASL MACS facility promotes nanoscience, material engineering, and nanotechnology at Foothill and other educational institutions.

North Penn High School Image Gallery

A glimpse into the nano-world of everyday things!

University of Wisconsin- Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Stimulating STEM Education Presentation

Educators at the University of Wisconsin, Madison have developed a program to introduce students to cutting-edge research in effort to increase the number and diversity of individuals knowledgeable about materials science. This program helps encourage students to pursue careers in the field. Please see the presentation to learn more about their outreach program.  

Educator Testimonial – Hubbard Woods Elementary – Chicago, IL

The link below is a blog post from a librarian at Hubbard Woods Elementary which had the opportunity to use the TM3000 in their classroom for a week. This blog is a good introduction to scanning electron microscopy as well as simple applications students found informative and exciting!

Testimonial and Curriculum Suggestions

Eisenhower Middle School found their time with the TM3000 fruitful. This note of thanks includes information on what they did with the TM3000 while in their classrooms and how successful it was with the students.

SENAI Overview

The National Service for Industrial Vocational Apprenticeship – To promote professional and technological education, innovation and transference of industrial technology

NNIN Overview

Why Nano Education?  National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN)

Hitachi’s Commitment

Hitachi’s Commitment

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovative pioneers through the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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Website & SEM Request

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